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Albany’s new cop shop: Sleek

All sharp angles and flat surfaces with clean lines — that’s the just-the-facts impression left by Albany’s new $15.5 million headquarters of the city police.


And the point of this is what?

This is one element of Albany’s $8.4 million downtown streetscape project that may have people scratching their heads and wondering about the point.


New gun law has a strange twist

The new gun law known as Senate Bill 719 seems to have a loophole at least as dangerous as the people at whom the law is supposedly aimed.¬†Albany police officials pointed this out when they briefed the city council on the law, which takes effect… Continue reading


Reload project faces competition

Albany and Millersburg may face competition for the state’s $25 million to develop a mid-Willamette Valley intermodal transportation and reloading center. Lebanon and perhaps Eugene-Springfield may also submit applications, the Albany City Council heard Monday.


N.A. market: City gets site plan

“Can you do a status update on the North Albany store please?” reader Robin Nygren asked a couple of days ago. Yes, I can, because a site plan for part of the project has been filed for the city’s review.

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