Posts written by Hasso Hering

Downtown ‘parklets’ in 2nd year

In case you haven’t noticed — and I hadn’t before Saturday — the downtown Albany “parklets” are back for the second summer in a row.


Road fee: Time to pull the plug

Whatever happened to Oregon’s fledgling program of charging motorists a road user fee based on how far they drive? The 2017 legislature seems to have pretty much ignored the effort in favor of higher fuel taxes and registration fees.


Upcoming: Truck speed decision

Getting stuck behind one slow 18-wheeler passing another on the freeway made me wonder whatever happened to this year’s proposal to raise the speed limit for trucks. We’ll get the answer to that question in a couple of months.


Water Avenue: A street solution?

On a bike ride along the Albany riverfront, I could not help noticing that segments of Water Avenue now have a nice new surface. Could the same kind of treatment be a solution for the many old city streets where the potholes resemble craters on… Continue reading


Home Improvement on 14th

Moving along Albany streets on a bike this summer, you see lots of home improvement projects going on. Few are more eye-catching than the porch going up on this block of 14th Avenue S.W.

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