A personal note: Thanks a lot!

Looks like I timed my traditional birthday bike ride just right. The bike was hardly back in the garage when the rain began.

As I say on the video, thank you for taking an occasional look at this website, where I try to present a variety of big and small issues -- mostly small, I admit -- from my perspective. This enterprise has been going for a couple of years now, since the fall of 2012, and I hope to keep it up for a good while longer, especially if I can get a little advertising support to defray the cost of operations. (The costs are small but they're not zero.)

I'm grateful for the feedback from some of you, and I'd like to invite others to make use of the comment box at the bottom of stories to let readers and me know what you think. Like the editorials I used to write for the local paper, these stories are not and don't pretend to be the last word on anything. Instead, they will have served a purpose if they provoke a thought or two that's independent of and different from what you're urged to think almost everywhere else.

So, thanks for hanging in here with me, and let me know what you think. As for the cycling, let's hope the forecast is wrong and it won't rain as much or as long as they predict. (hh)

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