A little rip in the universe?

The trash and recycling trucks have come and gone, but this sad little Christmas tree was still waiting.

Something must have gone wrong with the planned Christmas tree pickup of Republic Services, at least in my North Albany neighborhood.

The usually super-reliable disposal service advertised on it website that it would be picking up discarded Christmas trees from Dec. 26 through Jan. 9. The usual routine is to put out the tree on the regularly scheduled pickup day during that period. It's a convenient service, much appreciated, but this year something went awry.

The tree was out there on the morning of Dec. 29, our regular trash day, and it was still there the next morning. It was out there again a week later, and it was still waiting on the verge after nighttime fell.

This is a reminder of how handy it would be to have weekly yard debris pickup, even for a slight extra charge, which Republic has asked the Albany City Council to approve at least twice, in vain. Then we could chop up the tree and stuff it in the cart. As it is, the cart is full with, well, yard debris because Republic picks it up only every other week and this was not THE week.

Why worry about something as minor as this? I'm not worried. It's just that in this uncertain and dangerous world, the reliability of the local disposal service is one thing on which we've been able to count, and I would not like to see that change. (hh)

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