A commitment to WHAT?

Reading material comes along with the food.

Reading material comes along with the food.

While I was having breakfast at McDonald's, I glanced at the back of the sales slip, which assured me of the company's "commitment to deforestation." Whoa! This did not sound like the kind of message you expect.

I'm not sure breakfast eaters at McDonald care all that much about forests. Forests may not be at the top of their list of things to worry about. Still, that's quite an admission, being committed to deforestation. Almost as serious as being committed to pollution or, worse, changing the climate.

But wait. It's not what it appears. Turns out that the bold-face "commitment" in big type (about 18 points, I would guess) is contradicted by the fine print below: "McDonald's is committed to eliminating deforestation from our global supply chains," it explains. "We expect our suppliers to operate their businesses ethically and abide by all applicable laws and regulations."

Ah, "eliminating"! I guess that was too long a word for the headline, so the copywriter in charge of sales-slip promotion decided to leave it out. It worked, too. Made me read the message.

The breakfast was good. I liked it, as I like McDonald's fare in general. And now I'm wondering only which part of it is made from ethically managed and legally harvested wood? (hh)

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